Traffic- Far from Home- Steve Winwood, the late Jim Capaldi

In 1994 it was my great honor to host the first new Traffic album in twenty years, "Far from Home" by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi...

Kinks- Low Budget 45th Anniversary- Ray Davies 7-8

With the pending forty-fifth anniversary of "Low Budget", the Kinks' July 1979 biggest seller in their long storied career, it becomes apparent that The Kinks were the ultimate slacker band. My guest In the Studio Ray Davies explains the week of July 8 why the Kinks were almost a decade behind their British Invasion peers in America when The Kinks released the trifecta of "Sleepwalker", "Misfits", and their biggest seller, "Low Budget".
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John Mellencamp- Big Daddy 35th Anniversary

John Mellencamp interview "In the Studio" with Redbeard about 1989's "Big Daddy" to mark the platinum album's 35th anniversary..

Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band- Nine Tonight 7-1

When Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band compiled the live double album of concert performances found on Nine Tonight, there was no bigger American name dominating both the album and hit charts, as well as at the box office. But they never had it handed to them. Bob Seger earned it every step of the way, and as you will hear in my classic rock interviews beginning July 1, there were a whole lotta steps.

Don Henley- The End of the Innocence 35th Anniversary 6-24

It's the 35th anniversary of June 1989's "The End of the Innocence", and Don Henley talks at length about multiple masterpieces "The Last Worthless Evening", "New York Minute","If Dirt Were Dollars,"Heart of the Matter", and "The End of the Innocence" here In the Studio the week of June 24.

Dire Straits- Communique 45th Anniversary- Mark Knopfler

Dire Straits' under-rated second release “Communique” with my interview with Mark Knopfler In the Studio.

Foreigner Live with the 21st Century Orchestra- Mick Jones, Kelly Hansen

It is only fitting that Mick Jones, the British ex-pat who founded Foreigner more than four decades ago, should be the last man standing of the original band  two decades into the twenty-first century. Here Mick is joined by current Foreigner lead singer Kelly Hansen.
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Paul McCartney- Flowers in the Dirt 35th Anniversary

Paul McCartney for "Flowers in the Dirt" 35th anniversary In the Studio with Redbeard !

Steve Winwood- Junction Seven

Steve Winwood talks about his seventh solo album, "Junction Seven", and how a so-called "solo" album inevitably isn't at some point in the creative process, in my classic rock interview.

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble- In Step 35th Anniversary

1989 album "In Step" by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, just the mere facts are impressive. "In Step" was the Texas trio's fourth studio album, but their first after Vaughan's collapse and near death from substance abuse." In Step"  won a Grammy Award, one of six Vaughan amassed, while racking up the best sales of Vaughan's lauded career because of "The House is Rockin'","Crossfire", "Tightrope","Let Me Love You Baby", and the stunner "Riviera Paradise". Yet the significance of In Step   as a musical statement of intent cannot be told by mere sales or awards. It can only be assessed by the friends who knew Stevie Vaughan best (Eric Clapton), the musicians who inspired him first (Buddy Guy, the late Doyle Bramhall), the players who supported him before and after recovery(Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon), the musicians who in turn Vaughan inspired (Joe Bonamassa ), and the biographer who tried to capture his lightning in a bottle (author Joe Nick Patoski). They are all In Step here In the Studio.