James Gang- Rides Again 50th Anniversary- Joe Walsh 7-20

May I be so presumptuous to assume that it's been years, maybe decades even, since you sat down and actually listened to The James Gang 1970 second album, Rides Again  ? Sure, you know "Funk #49" backwards and forwards, and you know Joe Walsh graduated to great guest Joe Walsh, In the Studio on the fiftieth anniversary of The James Gang Rides Again  here the week of July 20.

Joe Walsh- Life’s Been Good- Dallas 7-10-81

Joe Walsh announced his candidacy for President of the United States on July 10, 1981 during a concert in Dallas. [jwplayer config="Audio Player" file="'81/LIVE-joe-walsh-lifes-been-good.mp3"…

James Gang- Rides Again- Joe Walsh

In the Studio with Joe Walsh for The James Gang "Rides Again". How ya doin' ?

Joe Walsh- The Smoker You Drink/ But Seriously Folks

Joe Walsh busts out of Cleveland-based The James Gang and heads west, making rock history along the Rocky Mountain way.

Eagles 45th Anniversary-the late Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner

Down through the history of mankind, first flights such as The Eagles are revered: the Montgolfier brothers in Paris in 1783 with their hot air balloon; the Wright brothers in 1903 with powered flight...

Eagles- Hotel California- Don Henley, Joe Walsh,the late Glenn Frey

"Hotel California" by The Eagles... impressive combination of cinematic vision, songcraft, and high tech production seemed to be coming from a place in the near future to which the rest of rock would have to catch up...

Steve Winwood- Back in the High Life

By his mid-twenties, Steve Winwood already may have  been on a hall of fame career pace, singing and playing hits as a mere teenager with the Spencer Davis Group ("Gimme Some Lovin' "," I'm a Man"), Traffic, and Blind Faith. Yet Winwood told me in this  classic rock interview about 1986's "Back in the High Life"  that a 1972 bout with peritonitis almost killed him...