Alice Cooper- Under My Wheels- Dallas 4-29-73

Music historians and longtime fans often emphasize what a good live band the original Alice Cooper outfit was from 1971 to 1974 before the sideshow theatrics moved center stage, but not a lot of examples exist to support that contention, which is why this rare performance of "Under My Wheels" in Dallas in April 1973 is a real treat. -Redbeard

Alice Cooper- Killer 50th Anniversary 11-29

We had just begun to hear the name Alice Cooper in Spring 1971 and only because of the one song on the radio, "I'm Eighteen". But before year's end and the December release of "Killer , rock cognescenti would know that there were  new six-string gunslingers in town with  fully loaded clips of hollow-point hits including "Under My Wheels","Be My Lover", the often misinterpreted anti-abuse song "Dead Babies", and the Jim Morrison tribute "Desperado". Band namesake Alice Cooper is my guest here In the Studio for the fiftieth anniversary of "Killer" the week of November 29.-Redbeard

Alice Cooper- Love It to Death

Fifty years ago,"Love It to Death" in March 1971 may have been the the third album by the band Alice Cooper, but that doesn't change the fact that nobody bought the first two. By December of that same year, EVERYBODY had heard "I'm Eighteen" off of Love It to Death ,  and Alice Cooper had written and recorded a soon-to-be-classic additional full album, Killer .And it was

Alice Cooper- Billion Dollar Babies

In February 1973 when Alice Cooper's sixth album "Billion Dollar Babies"  went  #1 sales, we all thought that Marshall McLuhan, Andy Warhol, and Alice Cooper were being hyperbolic with their predictions about video fame's impact on society. We laughed then, but as it turns out, the joke's on us...