Queen Forever- Brian May, Roger Taylor

Since Queen has sold more albums and singles than any band since the Beatles (and some estimates claim even more than them ), it is simply not an over-reach to title this career compilation from forty-plus years of recording Queen Forever. You will not find two more interesting conversationalists about all aspects of the rock world than my guests, singer/ songwriter/ fabulous guitarist Brian May and singer/ songwriter/ percussionist Roger Taylor on the just-concluded Queen plus Adam Lambert North American sell-out which easily should cop comeback tour of 2014.

On Queen Forever  some of the tasty album tracks, B-sides, and remastered slightly different mixes of songs from their four decades of regal rock are combined with no less than three previously-unreleased Queen songs, all featuring the non-pareil voice of Freddie Mercury. Hear the stories behind these remarkable finds from Roger Taylor and Brian May in this  interview. –Redbeard