Jeffrey Gaines-The Hero in Me- Dallas Oct 1992

When we met for the first time over lunch in early 1992, Jeffrey Gaines impressed me as kind, thoughtful, and very mature for his young age. When we returned to Dallas radio station Q102, he played me several songs from his debut album that year, accompanied solely by his acoustic guitar. After hearing “The Hero in Me”  I commented that its 3/4 waltz  time would lend itself to a string quartet arrangement like George Martin imagined for “Yesterday” and “Eleanor Rigby”, and  that if he ever  returned  I would make it happen. 

In October 1992  Jeffrey performed”The Hero in Me”  live on my afternoon radio show in a Dallas disco, accompanied by four members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, with music charts arranged by me humming the string parts to a most patient  and bemused classical arranger. In this song Jeffrey Gaines reminds us  that the potential for valor resides in each of us,  and requires only the sincere desire and quiet courage to serve others. -Redbeard