Eric Clapton- Forever Man pt 2

This portion of my in-depth interview with Eric Clapton is  gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, yet ultimately life affirming. It finds the acclaimed musician successfully in recovery after more than twenty years of substance abuse, experiencing a spiritual rebirth that can only be described as miraculous; his musical career at an all time high; and then the most tragic of personal losses with the accidental death of his toddler, Conor, threatening to test it all like a modern day Old Testament Job.

Additionally Eric Clapton reveals a surprising humility and lack of certainty when discussing his desire to explore the outer boundaries of the blues while respecting its core absolute values, and how his long storied list of artistic collaborations with other big-name artists clear back to Blind Faith with Steve Winwood, Derek and the Dominoes with Duane Allman, and more recently J.J.Cale, Tina Turner, B.B. King, Robert Cray, and others is by no means a no brainer.

“It’s tough doing that stuff, it really is,” Eric Clapton divulged,”because there is no guarantee that it will work.” –Redbeard