Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright 3-94

It is no secret among Pink Floyd partisans that the incentive for the surprise emergence of The Endless River   album was to honor the late Pink Floyd original keyboard player Richard “Rick” Wright. This is the full Rick Wright interview that we did in March 1994 while Pink Floyd were rehearsing in a B-52 hangar on a military base in the Southern California desert just days prior to the start of The Division Bell  tour. The Pink prodigal son had contributed minimally at the end of recording for Pink Floyd’s 1987 comeback A Momentary Lapse of Reason   but was sufficiently healthy enough to rejoin for the massive 1987-88 world tour. Comments by the late keyboard player who died in September 2008 also can be heard here In the Studio  during Pink Floyd’s  album The Division Bell. That’s Rick Wright on the  right with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason on the left and singer/ guitarist David Gilmour center. – Redbeard