Rock Hall Snubs: Peter Frampton

Years eligible for the Hall of Fame: 22. Nominated: 0. Everybody outside of the Rock Hall knows that young Englishman Peter Frampton revolutionized the recording industry in early 1976 with his live double set  Frampton Comes Alive,  fundamentally changing the metrics of the music business and altering the course of rock music.  But where did those now-iconic songs like “Show Me the Way”, “Lines on My Face”, “Baby I Love Your Way”, “All I Want to Be (Is By Your Side)”, and “Do You Feel Like We Do” originally come from? Peter joins me In the Studio to trace the days after he left Humble Pie, his struggles with four solid but woefully under-exposed solo studio albums beginning with Wind of Change  in 1972, his phenomenal transformation into pop superstardom with the live album, and the tumultuous years immediately after trying to survive it all. 

By early 1978 Peter Frampton would experience the Cinderella story of Comes Alive   two years earlier turn nightmarish. Peter’s health concern now  with a progressive degenerative muscular disease, which prompted the current farewell tour, is not his first crisis, as you will hear in this interview.Personal and professional betrayal, infidelity, exhaustion…it all came crashing down literally, and it almost cost Frampton his life and his career. Peter sets up the dramatic story  In the Studio.

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