Matthew Sweet- Girlfriend- Altered Beast- 100% Fun

The news that Intervention Records was staging one to rehab  past Matthew Sweet releases was cause for considerable buzz of a healthy kind in 2018. After all we are talking about Girlfriend,  his 1991 third album which The Village Voice  bestowed #7 album of 1991 accolades  back then and  Paste  ranks at #61 on its “90 Best Albums of the 1990s”.

Here’s my October 1995 rock music interview with Matthew Sweet discussing Japanese animation; making videos for MTV in a pre-YouTube world; alternative godfathers Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd’s band Television and Marquee Moon ( the most forgotten of the CBGB-era pioneers that finally got some recognition via the recent movie); guitarists Richard Hell and Robert Quine; car customizer George Barris; 1970 Dodge Challengers painted “Purple Passion”; 1960s teen actress Tuesday Weld; Matthew’s follow-ups Altered Beast   from July 1993, and 100% Fun…you know, all the basics. –Redbeard