Patti Scialfa- Rumble Doll 7-93

“We would only play on the streets,” Patti Scialfa recalled about her earliest formative performing days in New York City, long before she was invited to join Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. “People would invite us to play clubs, but we thought playing clubs was selling out!” At the time of her Rumble Doll   release in  Summer 1993, Patti Scialfa was the epitome of the multi-tasking modern woman. She had ( and maintains) a high-profile gig in a Hall of Fame band, married the boss (literally), was the mother of their three year old and 18 month old, and was three months pregnant at the time of this interview and live performance. Why not write, record, and release a solo album in your spare time?!

After listening to this rare in-depth interview about the creative process, long time friends, complicated personal and professional relationships, and negotiating the shoals of celebrity, I think you will be charmed by the sweet, smart, sincere nature of Patti Scialfa, who also performs “Valerie”,”In My Imagination”, and “Charm Light” from Rumble Doll  live In the Studio. – Redbeard