Peter Gabriel- Us

“I’m pleased that it’s now getting better regarded with hindsight,” Peter Gabriel admits about his Autumn 1992 sixth studio album, Us . “I think it had some of my best songs on it.” No argument here: Us subjects, like the deep funky grooves, are all killer and no filler, from the pleading divorced parent to his regressing child on “Come Talk to Me”; the matter-of-fact demystification of personal therapy in “Digging in the Dirt”; to the Biblical allusions in “Blood of Eden”, inspired by Gabriel’s study of capital punishment. 

My exclusive classic rock interview with Peter Gabriel in front of a small intimate audience in September 1992 was his first reveal to the public of those songs, plus “Love to Be Loved”, “Steam”, “Kiss That Frog”, and “Secret World”. Part one of two.  –Redbeard