Billy Joel- Glass Houses 40th Anniversary 3-9

Billy Joel joins me here In the Studio  the week of March 9 for the fortieth anniversary of the #1 album "Glass Houses"

Bob Seger- Against the Wind 40th Anniversary 2-24

The third jewel in Bob Seger's triple crown of multi-platinum classics, Against the Wind  followed Night Moves  and Stranger in Town. Bob Seger joins Redbeard here In the Studio  on the album's fortieth anniversary the week of February 24.

In The Studio 30 Years Ago: REO Speedwagon-Hi Infidelity

In a lot of ways, REO Speedwagon was much like the Midwest region from which they sprang at the University of Illinois at Champaign: solid unassuming hard-charging musical journeymen determined to make it...

AC/DC- Back in Black- Angus Young

Angus Young may have been chosen early on to be the focal point of AC/DC , but big brother Malcolm has always been the heart and soul of this band , becoming even more so after the death of Bon Scott in 1980 ...(more)

Queen-The Game- Brian May, Roger Taylor

By the Summer 1980 release of "The Game", "There was a time there, about three seconds, when we were the biggest band in the world", chuckles Queen guitarist/ songwriter Brian May...