Showco- Jim Bornhorst #6

Highest claps-per-dollar? A mirror ball; “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” the hottest show on television in the late Nineties, starring the late Regis Philbin and a giant ring of Vari-Lites; architectural lighting from the Empire State to the Las Vegas Strip with Irideon; 500 employees and $100+ million annual revenues; IPO on NASDAQ October 6, 1997 was less than three weeks before the first “tech bubble” burst; 9/11 dropped the stock to less than $1; going public was a kick in the privates; by 2002, Showco had been sold to Clair Brothers Sound, Irideon closed, & Vari-Lite sold. VLPS was a lifeboat for a few survivors, which in 2004 was merged with Production Resource Group out of NY; the woulda/ shoulda/ coulda. Part six of 6.