ZZ Top- Antenna 30th Anniversary, pt2- Billy, Dusty, Frank

This is the conclusion of the ZZ Top Antenna world premiere radio broadcast on January 15, 1994 with Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard live from Manhattan’s Hit Factory to millions all over North America. In part two we learn that ZZ Top drummer Frank Beard had a fascinating side hustle as the owner of his own professional auto racing team, which came in second at Daytona in their first race!

This part two features Antenna songs “World of Swirl” with Dusty Hill on vocal, plus the top down cruising song “PCH”, with long tall Texas tales (some of which are actually true!) from all three members of ZZ Top. This thirtieth anniversary replay is dedicated with much love to original ZZ Top manager/producer Bill Ham, ZZ Top recording/mix engineer Joe Hardy, and the dearly missed Dusty Hill. –Redbeard