Jimmy Page/ Robert Plant- No Quarter: UnLedded 25th Anniversary

“Moroccan vocal music is just like blues from Mars!” exclaims Robert Plant in today’s Medium Rare interview. The MTV Unplugged television series was getting long in the tooth by the time Robert Plant agreed to join Jimmy Page on it in 1994, but in spawning a US Top 5 selling platinum album No Quarter: UnLedded , an award-winning top-selling DVD, and a sold out 1994 US arena tour, no one got more mileage from the concept. And by playing loose & liberally with the unspoken unplugged  norms, nobody achieved more spectacular musical results, either. Just listen to the sublime “The Rain Song”, “Gallows Pole”,”Four Sticks“, and of course “Kashmir” with Egyptian ensemble,mandolin, banjo, didjeridu, hurdy-gurdy…and the London Metropolitan Orchestra. –Redbeard