John Mellencamp- Scarecrow 35th Anniversary 8-3

After delivering a hit album "Uh Huh" in 1983 containing an important song,"Pink Houses", in August 1985 John Mellencamp proved that he could continue the streak of mass popularity even while upping his game with more timely, socially-aware songwriting on "Scarecrow". John Mellencamp joins me here In the Studio  on "Scarecrow" 's thirty-fifth anniversary the week of August 3.

Night Ranger- 7 Wishes- Jack Blades

The songs “Four in the Morning” and the touching true story “Goodbye”, both from Night Ranger’s May 1985 album “7 Wishes”, are revealed by singer/composer/bass player Jack Blades In the Studio on the album’s 35th anniversary.

Mark Knopfler- Money for Nothing- Dallas Ft Worth 9-8-19

Mark Knopfler the quiet-spoken Englishman from his performance in September 2019 in Grand Prairie TX taking his big band through their paces on the showstopper "Money for Nothing"

Sting- Dream of the Blue Turtles 35th Anniversary 5-18

Sting is my guest here In the Studio  for "The Dream of the Blue Turtles" classic rock interview on its thirty-fifth anniversary the week of May 18. -Redbeard

Crowded House- Don’t Dream It’s Over/All I Have to Do is Dream- 2010

"Hey now, hey now...". What a great band. Formed from the stray strands of New Zealand's Split Enz, Crowded House had up to four lead singers and the brilliant songs of Neil Finn. Not even the almost criminally inept career direction of their…

Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”- Live Aid Phila. 7-13-85

"I've been waiting for this moment all my life, oh Lord..." As the summer sun set to the west of the massive JFK stadium teeming with 100,000 people for Live Aid US, I stood center stage about ten feet behind Phil Collins seated at a black…

The Cult- Sonic Temple- Billy Duffy

The Cult had just completed a trifecta of  terrific albums in just four years, 1985's US breakthrough "Love"   containing "She Sells Sanctuary" and "(Here Comes the) Rain"; the Rick Rubin-produced harder "Electric" in 1987 with "Love Removal Machine","Wildflower", and "Lil Devil"; and their best seller "Sonic Temple" two years later.

INXS- Listen Like Thieves- Andrew Farriss, Kirk Pengilly, the late Michael Hutchence

The story of INXS and their international breakthrough “Listen Like Thieves” In 1985 as told by the late Michael Hutchence, Andrew Ferriss, Kirk Pengilly

ZZ Top- Lagrange- Castle Donington, Derbyshire UK 8-17-85

One of the priceless pieces of twenty-five years of rock history, almost criminally tossed in a dumpster by the new owners of Q102 Dallas/Ft Worth in August 1998, was a tape cartridge that I had dubbed from a cassette containing a live medley…

Dire Straits- Best pt 2- Mark Knopfler

When the song "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits became a worldwide hit in Summer 1985, the album Brothers in Arms spent a stunning nine weeks as the #1-seller in the US in 1985, eventually selling a staggering 26,000,000  copies worldwide. This kind of celebrity could not have happened to a more reluctant rock star than Dire Straits leader Mark Knopfler, and trust me, there is absolutely no way to prepare for what comes next.