Humble Pie- The late Steve Marriott, Peter Frampton, Jerry Shirley

In Fall 1971, the guy rooming next door to me in the freshman dorm actually had a better record collection and a more discerning knowledge of rock and roll than I did. Pity I can’t recall his name, but I’m forever in his debt for turning me onto ZZ TOP‘s First Album and Humble Pie Rock On . So later that same Fall when Humble Pie released the double live set Performance:Rockin’ the Fillmore , the full fiery amalgam  was unleashed of  Small Faces veteran Steve Marriot‘s megawatt blue-eyed soul voice, the thundering rhythm section of ex-Spooky Tooth bass player Greg Ridley and drummer Jerry Shirley, with the melodic lyrical lead guitar of a teenage Peter Frampton . Frampton and Shirley join me In The Studio for this classic rock interview, along with my recently discovered 1980 interview with the late Steve Marriott, who was inducted posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.-Redbeard




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