It was not my first volcano ( no, that would have been a few months earlier in June 1988 on my honeymoon in Hawaii). But it was breathtaking and unforgettable. This was a late Saturday early September morning in Seattle, or more accurately at that very moment, Snohomish, as I had missed the exit to Heart singer/ songwriter Ann Wilson‘s house and was halfway to Canada. Now I had turned the rental car around headed in the right direction and there it was: Mt. Ranier in all of its snow-capped glory silhouetted against the bluest sky this side of Maui. It was a good omen for one of my favorite In the Studio  episodes ever.

The scheduled noon classic rock interview with Ann Wilson was held in her quaint 19th century yellow and white-trimmed wooden  house on the secluded wooded hilltop, an historically preserved building which had hosted many colorful lives besides rockers and folkies as it had seen service as a brothel at one point. I even had the pleasure of meeting another non-performing Wilson sister, an indicator of just how closely knit the clan has always been, probably a direct result of Dad Wilson being a lifer in the Marines, which required mom and the girls to move multiple times when he was deployed.

For the first, and as it turned out, only time in our many conversations over three decades, guitarist/ singer/ songwriter Nancy Wilson was interviewed in Los Angeles separately from big sister Ann here, as she had just married rock journalist Cameron Crowe back then, whose star as a Hollywood screenwriter/ director was on the rise, and Nancy’s lovely appearance was a natural fit for some cameos as well. Together Ann and Nancy Wilson’s real life rock Cinderella story, times two, of Dreamboat Annie    has always remained one of my all time favorites in the thirty year history of In the Studio. –Redbeard