Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers- Ian Gillan, Roger Glover

It was a fateful day in 1984 when the original members of Deep Purple, the Mark II lineup which gave the world Deep Purple in Rock,  Fireball,  Machine Head,   Who Do We Think We Are,  and Made in Japan , reconvened after eleven long years apart. My guests this week, Deep Purple bass player Roger Glover and singer/ lyricist Ian Gillan, were both in attendance along with founding guitarist brooding Ritchie Blackmore, industrial-strength drummer Ian Paice, and godfather of the heavy Hammond organ, Jon Lord. No minders, managers, or handlers were invited. Anything but Perfect Strangers,  the hit album which would emerge first, that historic meeting thirty-five years ago ignited something which  the subsequent departure…again…of Blackmore, and even the death of Jon Lord in 2012, continues for the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers even to this day. –Redbeard