Aerosmith- Get Your Wings @50- Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford

When Aerosmith unveiled their Deuces Are Wild  Las Vegas residency in 2018 at the Park Theater,  In the Studio  was proud to contribute interview material to the forty minute  video/live theatrical circus-style introduction that presents the history of the band right up until their explosive entrance on stage. And coming now on the fiftieth anniversary of their second album’s release, Get Your Wings,  what better songs to open with than “Train Kept a Rollin’ ” and soon after, “Seasons of Wither”?‘s  Stephen Thomas Erlwine is so right when he opines, “This is when Aerosmith became Aerosmith.” After a promising but raw first album, Get Your Wings  in Spring 1974 soared with more memorable Steven Tyler/ Joe Perry songs fully the equal of the debut’s material, but now framed by new producer Jack Douglas’ crystal clear production. The Aerosmith duo may have had admittedly a Rolling Stones fascination with their visual cues, but the sound on Get Your Wings  owed much more to the Yardbirds. Brad Whitford’s second lead guitar weaves three- dimensionally around Perry’s stiletto licks on ” Same Old Song and Dance”, “Lord of the Thighs”,”S.O.S. (Too Bad)”,”Seasons of Wither”, “Pandora’s Box”, and the all-important Yardbirds matrix “Train Kept a Rollin’ “,which gave New Yorker Tyler common ground with New Hampshire boys Perry & Tom Hamilton. This relaxed and revealing classic rock interview with Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, and Tom Hamilton provides the missing link between the innocent Lake Sunapee NH days and the start of the legend behind America’s longest-running hard rock  band. –Redbeard